About Dr. Cohen

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Dr. Warren Cohen

Dr. Warren Cohen

Dr. Cohen is a specialist in orthodontics, providing comprehensive orthodontic care for children, teens and adults. He is a third-generation Calgarian (there aren't many of those!) and grew up just a few minutes from our Calgary office, in Chinook Park. Dr. Cohen knew he wanted to be an orthodontist from the time he attended Henry Wise Wood Senior High School. In pursuit of that goal, he studied at four different universities in two countries. He started his university experience as an undergraduate student in Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. Then he moved east, attending dental school at the University of Toronto. The next move was just south of the border, where he attended the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Finally, he attended the University of Manitoba, where he completed his specialty training to become an orthodontist in 2002.

Dr. Cohen is actively involved in organized dentistry. He is a Fellow of The Royal College of Dentists of Canada, and is a member of the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta and the Canadian Dental Association.

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