Spark Clear Aligner System

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Spark Aligner System

Spark is an aligner system designed for predictable and efficient treatment planning. Spark aligner system is a popular choice of our patients due to its clear and stain resistant nature. If you are interested in Spark aligner system, schedule a consultation with Surrideo Orthodontics to hear more about treatment options.

How does Spark Aligner System work?

Spark Aligner system works similar to other aligner systems on the market, using a series of clear aligners created with specific treatment planning software. Dr. Warren Cohen will create a plan, producing custom progressive plastic trays made with TruGEN ™ and TruGEN XR ™ to be worn by the patient for at least 22 hours per day.

Benefits of Spark Aligner System

  • Comfortable to wear for the patient
  • No limitations on food or drink
  • Treatment can be faster than traditional braces