Emergency Info

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At Surrideo Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on helping patients of all ages learn to smile without hesitation. While most of your visits to our office will be for regularly scheduled appointments or follow-ups, occasionally an extra visit might be required for an urgent matter. While most orthodontic issues can be treated at home until you can visit Dr. Cohen, you can always contact our office if you are unsure of what to do. It is important to respond quickly so your progress doesn’t suffer as a result.

Some of the more common orthodontic emergencies include:

• Loose bands or brackets
• Lost separators
• Wire discomfort
• General discomfort after treatment

Dr. Cohen discusses each situation below, so you know what to do until you can visit our office.

If you have a loose band or bracket, call our office to schedule a time to be seen. You may need to have a wire cut or a bracket refitted. If you find that you need a wire cut over a weekend or outside of normal business hours, sterilize nail clippers in alcohol before doing so and then call our office as soon as business hours resume for further instruction.

Losing a separator during orthodontic treatment is quite common and shouldn’t be cause for alarm. Don’t stress over it, but it’s a good idea to contact our office regardless to find out if it should be replaced.

If you’re feeling pain or irritation because of a misplaced wire, try removing it from the affected area with a cotton swab. A small piece of wax may work for tough-to-move wires. You can also try cutting it like you would with loose bands or brackets, but if the problem persists, call our office.

Mild pain and discomfort following new braces or after a tightening is to be expected. Over-the-counter pain killers, a warm wash cloth or a heating pad may minimize pain during the first few weeks of treatment.

If you are experiencing problems or pain associated with your treatment and home remedies are not helping, or if you’d prefer a professional opinion before taking action on your own, call Surrideo Orthodontics in Calgary at 403-282-7878.