Dental Monitoring FAQ

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Dental Monitoring is an innovative, convenient technology we offer to our aligner patients at no additional cost. Weekly virtual appointments are held with the use of a scan box attached to your smart phone and the Dental Monitoring app. Meaning less in office appointments, more personalized treatment and higher aligner success rates, Dr. Cohen and Surrideo Orthodontics are thrilled to offer the option of Dental Monitoring to our patients.

No, you did not. We offer this a convenience to our aligner patients; it is not mandatory.

You will receive a notification from Dr. Cohen on your App when it is time to take each scan. The scan frequency is set by your orthodontist and fits your personalized treatment. If needed, Dr. Cohen may request at times for you to scan more or less frequently than your normal interval.

When a new scan is required, you will receive a notification on the Dental Monitoring App. Just press the “Take a Scan” button to proceed. Please make sure you have your notifications turned on for this app.

It is recommended that you floss and brush both your teeth and aligners before you take each scan. You should treat the scans like you would a weekly visit if you were coming into the office to see Dr. Cohen. When prompted to scan with aligners in, please ensure the aligners are fully seated. Using your aligner seaters will help. You will know they are seated, when there is no space between your tray and your teeth.

Once you have scanned, you must wait for a notification from us telling you to change to the next aligner set, or to continue with the current set. It can take several hours for your scan to upload and for the message to be sent. Do not change to the next set until you have been notified.

If your scan is rejected, do not worry! You will receive an explanation as to why and tips to make sure your next scan is successful! The scans do get easier as you continue to do them. You can always review the scanning tutorials on the App.

When you get a notification to continue with the same aligner, it means your teeth have not moved enough to progress to the next aligner. Sometimes teeth take a little longer than we expect for them to move, or perhaps you just need a little more wear time with the current aligner. Watch for a message from our office letting you know which area(s) we still need more movement to occur.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Dental Monitoring or your aligner treatment, do not hesitate to send us a direct message. You will find the message icon on the lower portion of your App.

It is important to scan as scheduled, but if you do forget please do your scan as soon as possible. Skipped or missed scans will result in longer treatment time and additional office visits.

If you lose an aligner you are wearing, please go ahead to the next set of aligners and send us a message on the Dental Monitoring app, so we can give you further instruction.

Your Dental Monitoring equipment is small and convenient to travel with. Please continue scanning on vacation as you normally would. If you find you will be somewhere with no internet access, please send us a message on the Dental Monitoring app and we can help adjust your next scan.

We understand that life happens. If you find your current scan day isn’t working the best for you, please contact us on the Dental Monitoring app and we can adjust your scan date to better meet your needs.

Please message us on the Dental Monitoring app, we can adjust your scan date to help accommodate your schedule.

Please message us on the Dental Monitoring app if you need dental work done and we will contact you if we feel you may need any adjustments to your aligners or if we need to schedule an office visit.

Don’t stress! Take an emery board (nail file) and use the smooth side along the edge that it is irritating your mouth and send us a message on the Dental Monitoring App so we can follow up with you.

Once you have your elastic on your tray, make sure you are pushing or rolling the hook back in towards your teeth. If you find this doesn’t help, remove your tray and gently bend the hook back towards the inside of the tray. You can try placing your elastic on the hooks before inserting your aligner with elastic connected. If you are still having a hard time with this, search on YouTube, “tips for wearing elastics with aligners”.