Common Orthodontic Terms Used at Surrideo Orthodontics

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Cohen, and his team at Surrideo Orthodontics want treatment to be a pleasant experience, so we work with our patients from start to finish. We understand that many of the orthodontic terms and phrases used today can be a bit confusing, so we’ve put together a list of orthodontic glossary terms to help our patients better understand the language that is used during examinations, diagnosis and treatment.


A wires engaged in orthodontic attachments that helps guide tooth movement.

band (orthodontic)

A thin, metal ring made of stainless steel that secures orthodontic attachments to a tooth. A band is made to fit the contours of the tooth before being cemented into place.


An orthodontic attachment made from metal, ceramic or plastic material that is bonded or banded to a tooth for the purpose of engaging an archwire.

ceramic brackets

A bracket made from a clear or tooth-shaded ceramic material so it blends in with the natural tooth color.

crowded teeth

Teeth which are misaligned due to inadequate space.


The process of removing orthodontic appliances (brackets, wires and bonds)

elastics (rubber bands)

Used to move teeth in the desired direction. An elastic typically connects between the upper and lower braces.


The tissue surrounding the teeth made up of fibrous tissue that is continuous with the periodontal ligament and mucosal covering.

Herbst appliance

A fixed or removable appliance often used to address overbite issues and other orthodontic problems.


Of or pertaining to the tongue. A term used to describe surfaces and directions toward the tongue.

lingual appliances

A term used to describe surfaces and directions toward the tongue.


Term used to describe teeth, dental restorations, orthodontic appliances or facial structures involving the upper jaw.


A dental specialist who has received advanced training in a Canadian or American Dental Association-accredited post-doctoral course consisting of two – three academic years in the specialized area orthodontics.

orthognathic surgery

Surgical procedures carried out to alter the relationships of teeth and/or supporting bones. This surgery is done by a specialist in oral maxillofacial surgery and is usually performed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.


A condition in which the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth.


Also called an X-ray. A permanent image produced by ionizing radiation used to identify and diagnose orthodontic problems.


A removable or fixed orthodontic appliance used after braces come off the teeth to help hold the teeth in their new positions.


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