Parts of Braces

Understanding Braces

A lot of important elements make up your braces to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Learn more about these elements and ask Dr. Cohen any questions you have about your braces at your next appointment! 

What Makes Up Your Braces?

Orthodontic treatment is effective using parts to guide the proper movement of your teeth, including:


The rings of metal that fit tightly around your molars are called bands and are cemented in place with dental sealant to prevent decay.


The brackets are attached to each tooth, offering a spot for the archwire to connect so that your teeth can be moved a little at a time. 


The archwire is shaped by the orthodontist depending each stage of treatment. Fitting into the brackets’ slots, the archwire provides the pressure that your teeth need to move.


In order to keep the archwire attached to the brackets, your orthodontist uses elastics. These tiny rubber rings tie the archwire in place.


Some brackets have hook attachments on them in case rubber bands are needed at some point during your treatment.


A coil spring may be used between your brackets and over the archwire to assist in the movement of your teeth.

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