Post by: / December 23, 2016

Embracing Adult Orthodontics

At Surrideo Orthodontics, our mission is two-fold – to provide excellent treatment and to make patients confident in their straight smiles. Orthodontic treatment is not just about your oral health, though that is a key component of it. In addition to having better oral health, orthodontic treatment also aims to make you feel more confident in your smile. If you are not totally happy with your smile as an adult, it is not too late to seek out proper orthodontic treatment. While millions of adults feel insecure, unfulfilled, or embarrassed by their smiles, there’s a simple, convenient, and effective way to revolutionize your smile and your life: adult orthodontic treatment. 

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life

More and more adults are discovering the magic of orthodontic treatment, and it’s little wonder why. A beautiful smile provides a boost of confidence, happiness, and self-esteem that radiates through every aspect of personal and professional life. Just think: if you had a smile you were proud of, how much easier would that neighborhood barbecue, first date, or big presentation at work be? If you felt confident every time you opened your mouth to smile, how much more would life open itself up to you?

Thankfully, the new smile you’re dreaming of isn’t as far away – or as hard to get – as you might think. Gone are the days of clunky, unattractive metal strips for braces. Modern braces are thin, lightweight, and aesthetically appealing, and treatment alternatives like Invisalign mean no one even has to know you’re straightening your teeth! Orthodontic treatment is more convenient than ever and lasts a matter of months – but the benefits are huge and last a lifetime. 

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f you’re considering reinventing your life by changing your smile, there’s never been a better time. We’ve helped countless adults throughout the Calgary area achieve a beautiful new smile, and we’d be thrilled to do the same for you. Call us today at 403-282-7878 or use our easy online form to schedule a consultation, or reach out to us at our contact page with any questions on treatment. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re excited to help you reinvent yourself with a gorgeous new smile!